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"I love scheduling and managing restaurant fundraiser events manually" said no one, ever

Although restaurant fundraisers drive revenue and enhance community engagement with restaurants, they are truly a hassle to plan and manage. That was before DonationScout—the industry leading enterprise software that streamlines the fundraiser event process for both the restaurants and fundraising organizations.
DonationScout allows restaurants to book more fundraiser events with ease, leading to revenue and profit growth along with greater community impact.


Our Features

Smart Tools for Smart People


Never create or edit an event flyer by hand again! Sit back and let DonationScout do the work for you. Offer contactless fundraisers by using our QR code and online tracking features.


Mission critical for operators running fundraiser programs across multiple locations and even multiple brands.


We offer serval integrations including calendar, Google Analytics, Salesforce. We can also accommodate custom requests.


Omni-Channel Restaurant Fundraisers are Here

You meet your guests where they are with your delicious food, why not with community fundraisers too?  The flexibility of DonationScout allows you to host a wide variety of fundraisers from traditional in-store to non-traditional types such as online, catering, delivery and gift card.

In-store fundraisers

Host in-store fundraisers with ease.  No matter if you're a 1-unit owner/operator or 2,000+ unit chain, DonationScout can streamline the process from beginning to end.

Online fundraisers

Separate from yourself from the competition by including online sales in your fundraisers. Our trackable QR codes make events easy to promote and simple to execute.

Gift card fundraisers

Offer organizations another way to raise money for their cause while driving incremental sales to your restaurants. For national and regional brands, gift card fundraisers are great as they can go beyond the local market.


Our Features

Smart Tools for Smart People


Never create or edit an event flyer by hand again! Sit back and let DonationScout do the work for you. Offer contactless fundraisers by using our QR code and online tracking features.


Mission critical for operators running fundraiser programs across multiple locations and even multiple brands.


We offer serval integrations including calendar, Google Analytics, Salesforce. We can also accommodate custom requests.


A Simplified Process to Manage More

Currently, when restaurants partner with a community organization to host a spirit night, they are taking on many additional hours of administrative tasks. Typically, organizing restaurant fundraisers requires a great deal of back-and-forth with community groups throughout the entire process. From scheduling to creating marketing materials, to payouts, it’s a hassle. That is, without DonationScout. Here’s a look at our simplified process for traditional and online fundraisers:

1. Initial Request
From the online scheduling tool, the organization selects a location, and event type and date, then submits an event request to the restaurant.
2. Approval
Restaurant team members receive an interactive email with approval instructions, which kickstarts the automated processes. Restaurants can also requests additional info from the fundraiser via the messaging feature.
3. Calendar Invites
DonationScout sends out calendar invites to all parties involved once the event has been approved. Calendar invites are also updated if the event has been cancelled or changed.
4. Creative Materials
DonationScout automatically generates many types of custom creative materials for promotional purposes, allowing the fundraiser to rally the troops in advance.
5. Event Reminders
Reminders are sent to the organization and restaurant one week prior to the event as well as the day of to ensure that balls aren’t dropped. Organizations are also encouraged to review their estimated attendees so restaurants can better prepare.
6. Fundraiser Results
After the fundraiser has concluded, the restaurant is prompted to add the results in DonationScout, or confirm the data if automatically pulled. A final notice is then sent to the organization to let them know the amount of the donation and when to expect payment.
DonationScout = Leverage
DonationScout is your ultimate point of leverage as event managers have to complete just two steps, approve the event and enter/confirm results. Best of all is that there is NO TRAINING required!

Features that allow you to scale

Powerful features, simply designed to remove the headache and hassle from restaurant fundraiser events.

Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling

Our online scheduling tool eliminates the back and forth and painful scheduling mistakes. Schedules are completely customizable and can be adjusted at anytime. Fundraiser events are scheduled without calendar conflicts, reminders are automatically sent, and rescheduling straightforward and uncomplicated. Best of all, is there is absolutely NO TRAINING required for DonationScout.
DonationScout is accessible on any mobile device, PC or Mac, and boasts a friendly and intuitive interface which makes scheduling events effortless for both organization and restaurants.

Fundraiser Management Portal

Give your fundraising partners a one-of-a-kind experience with a white labeled event management portal. Here organizations can follow the status of the event, confirm check payment details, communicate with the restaurant, access event marketing materials, and much more. Organizations will have access to this portal even after the event which makes for a great point of continuity as volunteers turnover. It also makes it really easy to book future events.
Fundraiser Management Portal
Dashboard Analytics and Reporting

Dashboard, Analytics & Reporting

It's your data, make the most out of it. Whether you need information at-a-glance, or granular data, we've got you covered. Every event specific data point is not only accessible, it's exportable. Have a favorite CRM like Salesforce? No problem as our integration capabilities allow you to leverage your data to the fullest extent.

Messaging & File Sharing

Tired of playing "who's on first" or feeling the need to over communicate so that balls aren't dropped. Have your conversations and files stored in one place so everyone on your team can be on the same page at all times.  The same goes for your fundraiser partners as well, which is especially helpful from a continuity point of view. Passing the torch from one volunteer to the next is easy with DonationScout (AKA {Your Brand HERE}'s Fundraiser Management Platform.) 😉
Messaging and File Sharing
User Management

User Management

We know that managing restaurant fundraisers at scale is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. DonationScout has a robust user management tool kit that can articulate an event management hierarchy that is specific to your needs. DonationScout account holders can invite unlimited authorized users with full or restricted location access. Whether you choose to manage events above the store-level via marketing or catering managers, at the store-level with managers, or a combination of both, we've got you covered.

Marketing Materials

Restaurant fundraiser events are only as good as the promotion behind them. The only limitation to event related marketing materials with DonationScout is your imagination. Our customizable templates allow you to offer your fundraiser partners a variety of creative materials to help them rally the troops better than ever. Upon event approval, marketing materials are auto-generated and added to the organization's event management portal, yet another tedious task eliminated by DonationScout.
Marketing Materials
Automated Emails

Automated Emails & Texts

While there are times when thoughtfully written messages are necessary, the bulk of the event related communication can be delivered with automated emails and texts. Whether request approvals, a reminder of an upcoming event, communicating event results, or one of many other administrative notices, DonationScout makes sure that all parties involved are informed and engaged.  It is also important to note that each email and corresponding text is interactive and will lead recipient back to the DonationScout application allowing for a user friendly experience for all.

Location Management

For large multi-unit restaurant chains, customization at the location level is key. While you might have a straightforward fundraiser program at most locations, others might have unique nuances. For this reason, DonationScout allows you to control your program in every way to a customized specific location event type.
Location Management


DonationScout is equipped with several integrations that make the process more streamlined. Some of the most used integrations include calendar, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Salesforce. We can also accommodate special integrations including POS, brand specific APIs, your favorite CRM, and much more.

Don't just take our word for it...

Having multi-level management capabilities made the platform the perfect solution for our franchisees who didn’t have the time or resources to run a successful fundraiser program.

Sydney Barre

Franchise Marketing Manager

The DonationScout team has tailored their software to our needs which has made the fundraising process seamless for our operations teams.

Gracie Prasanson

VP of Sales

My team and I are so grateful for how easy DonationScout has made managing these events so that we can focus on creating the best guest experience!

Nick Dyer

Director of Off Premise Sales

DonationScout has been a vital part of growing our customer base, giving us access to additional channels and people we may never have been able to engage with on our own.

Geoff Herbert

President, AYG Food Services / Franchisee of The Halal Guys and Layne’s Chicken Fingers

As a multi-brand restaurant franchisee of Jason's Deli and Chicken Express, DonationScout has been an incredible tool for us, giving us the time to focus on customers and growing our business.

Sidra Connell

Marketing Director / Franchisee of Jason’s Deli and Chicken Express

Of all the products and services in our marketing toolkit, DonationScout is among the highest sales-generating & ROI tools we use.

Adam Golomb

President & Chief Marketing Officer

Donation Scout has made fundraising simple! I can use all the saved time making connections with my community, and building better bonds with the organizations around us. Thank you, Donation Scout!

Albie Torres

Marketing Manager

The DonationScout platform allows for many different customization options that met the needs of our brand, all of which their team was able to build and push live in a short period of time.

Jenna West

Manager, Catering and Field Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What data will I have access to in DonationScout?

Every data point in DonationScout can be exported to excel.  This includes, but is not limited to, organization details, event status, event results, location details, etc.  

Can my team members have access to DonationScout?

Yes, you can invite unlimited users to your DonationScout account at no additional cost.  Invited users can have access to all locations or only those you specify.  

Can I only offer one type of fundraiser event?

No, you can have many types of fundraiser types in DonationScout.  We work with brands who offer the same fundraiser payouts, days of the week and times across all locations, as well as some that have a very unique offering.  DonationScout was built to perfectly articulate your fundraiser program regardless of complexity.   

Are event calendars customizable?

Yes, completely!  You can offer events 7 days a week or just a couple.  We also have the flexibility to customize further by removing dates from the calendar.  

What if some franchisees choose not to sign up ?

There are a couple options here.  For groups that choose to manage fundraiser events manually, we will simply send them all the relevant details of a fundraiser request so they can follow up on their own.  This is a similar experience to a webform request.  Alternatively, you can exclude certain locations from the system altogether. 

Is there an onboarding fee?

We do not charge an onboarding fee at this time. 

How much does DonationScout cost?

We charge a flat monthly fee per location that is based on the number of locations associated with an account.  Click HERE to request a preliminary quote.

Is there a long-term contract with DonationScout?

Not at all!  DonationScout is a monthly subscription that can be canceled with 5 days notice. 

What kind of training do you offer?

DonationScout is an intuitively designed software product that requires absolutely NO TRAINING!  That said, the DonationScout team is available for as many pre-launch training sessions as needed.  

How long will it take to onboard and roll out?

For full white-lable customers, it typically takes three to four weeks to go live, although we have launched in as little as two weeks.      

Is a website integration required?

While a website integration is the best way to drive event requests while providing a great user experience to your fundraising partners, it is NOT a requirement to use DonationScout.  As a standalone product, you will have shareable links that will provide organizations entry into the software.

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