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Restaurant fundraiser software
  • Cafe Rio
  • Panera Bread
  • Jason's Deli
  • La Madeleine
  • Primanti Bros
  • Cotton Patch
  • Tijuana Flats
  • Willie's Grill & Icehouse
  • Slim Chickens
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Fat Burger
  • Round Table Pizza
Primanti Bros

“Of all the products and services in our marketing toolkit, DonationScout is among the highest sales-generating & ROI tools we use.”

A simplified process to manage fundraiser events at scale

DonationScout is revolutionizing restaurant fundraisers by streamlining the entire process, saving valuable time and effort for all stakeholders. Say goodbye to administrative burdens and welcome a seamless program that not only aligns with your brand standards and operational nuances, but also creates a better experience for your fundraising partners.

Here’s a look at our streamlined process.
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Why work with DonationScout?

Revolutionary fundraiser management software built for the restaurant industry, by the restaurant industry.

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    Created by a team of world class developers and seasoned restaurant professionals who understand both the problem and the solution.

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    We release tons of features (many proposed by customers) each year to ensure you have the most robust solution on the market.

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    and reliable

    First launched in the fall of 2019, DonationScout has operated with 99.99%+ uptime from the start. 

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    Friendly terms which include month-to-month agreements and favorable pricing, along with willingness to make modifications to meet your unique needs.

Online Scheduling

An online scheduling tool that eliminates the back and forth and painful scheduling mistakes. Schedules are completely customizable and can be adjusted at any time.


    Fundraiser event availability calendars can be consistent across all locations or specific to any. Events can be all-day, specific times, public or private.


    With a few clicks, restaurant operators and fundraiser organizations can reschedule/cancel events online.

Online Scheduling Screenshots

Save time with automated event notifications and reminders

DonationScout provides a seamless communication experience by sending automated, interactive emails and text messages to keep your fundraising partners informed and engaged.


    Interactive emails and text messages automatically sent to your fundraising partners so all parties are informed and engaged.


    Rest easy knowing that our automated, redundant, and personalized communication process virtually eliminates dropped balls and no-show events.

Communications Screenshots

Keep everyone
in the loop

DonationScout offers an email activity audit to proactively identify deliverability issues and a messaging and activity feed with timestamps to prevent miscommunication and maintain consistent collaboration.

  • Email Activity Audit

    Monitor the various emails that flow through DonationScout and identify deliverability issues in advance.

  • messaging & activity feed

    Our time-stamped message feed eliminates the risk of miscommunication and keeps everyone on the same page.

Messaging Screenshots

Customized promotional materials that meet your brand standards

Our auto-generated, customizable templates allow you to offer your fundraiser partners a variety of creative materials and resources to help them rally the troops better than ever.

  • flyer creator tool

    Use our simple and intuitive creative templates to provide beautify event marketing content, and make adjustments on the fly if needed.


    Help fundraising organizations inform their communities about event details from when and where to successful results.

    *DonationScout 3.0 customers only.
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Data to help get the most out of your fundraiser program

From the at-a-glance dashboard to event specific details, DonationScout makes it easy for you to leverage your data anyway you choose.


    A user-friendly dashboard that helps restaurants manage and view program summary data all from the same page.


    View, analyze, and export your fundraiser program data any way you like. It’s your data so make the most of it!


    Leverage our integration with google analytics to track every digital aspect of your fundraiser program from referrals to conversion.

    *DonationScout 3.0 customers only.
Statistics Screenshots

3 Guest-Facing Interface Options

While DonationScout is powered by one powerful restaurant management backend, you can choose from one of three guest facing interfaces that’s right for your brand.

DonationScout 3.0

hosted website

A true white-label experience where fundraising organizations can book and manage events, all from within your website ecosystem and brand standards.

$49.99 - 9.99 tiered pricing (monthly / location)
  • Cutting-edge fundraiser management tools
  • Custom fundraiser site
  • Branded emails that come from your domain
  • SMS event notifications
  • Branded event management portal
    • Non-profit and mailing address verification
    • Event pages with social sharing
    • Event rescheduling/cancellation
  • Negotiable onboarding fee
  • Est. 4-6 week launch
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3.0 Screenshot 1
3.0 Screenshot 2
DonationScout 2.0

Embedded widget

The white-label widget enables organizations to book or manage fundraiser events right for your existing fundraiser landing page.

$49.99 - 9.99 tiered pricing (monthly / location)
  • Cutting-edge fundraiser management tools
  • Widget on your brands website
  • Branded event management portal
  • Branded emails that come from your domain
  • SMS event notifications
  • No onboarding fees
  • Est. 2-3 week launch
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2.0 Screenshot 1
2.0 Screenshot 1
DonationScout 1.0

Basic fundraiser website

Launch your program quickly with a brand or franchisee- specific fundraiser site listed on DonationScout.com. Great for small operators and/or large brand pilots.

$19.99 (monthly / location)
  • Cutting-edge fundraiser management tools
  • Non-branded guest fundraiser portal
  • Non-branded event related emails
  • Est. 1 day launch
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Jason's Deli

We’ve worked with DonationScout for three years now and they’ve proven to be a great partner. They’ve tailored their software to our needs which has made the fundraising process seamless for our operations teams. They’re always willing to listen to feedback and have been eager to push the future of fundraising for us.

Slim Chickens

Having multi-level management capabilities made the platform the perfect solution for our franchisees who didn’t have the time or resources to run a successful fundraiser program.

La Madeleine

My team and I are so grateful for how easy DonationScout has made managing these events so that we can focus on creating the best guest experience!

Primanti Bros

Of all the products and services in our marketing toolkit, DonationScout is among the highest sales-generating & ROI tools we use.

Willie's Grill & Icehouse

Donation Scout has made fundraising simple! I can use all the saved time making connections with my community, and building better bonds with the organizations around us. Thank you, Donation Scout!

Chicken Express

As a multi-brand restaurant franchisee of Jason's Deli and Chicken Express, DonationScout has been an incredible tool for us, giving us the time to focus on customers and growing our business.

Layne's Chicken

DonationScout has been a vital part of growing our customer base, giving us access to additional channels and people we may never have been able to engage with on our own.

Lead Generation

Not only are we obsessed with our softwares ability to streamline fundraiser events, we also want to help you do more of them.

We now offer a free lead generation service for our restaurant partners (aka DonationScout-Certified Restaurants.)

Try it out
Lead Generation Screenshot
DonationScout-Certified Badge
What is a DonationScout-Certified Restaurant?

A restaurant committed to executing fundraiser events at the highest standards and is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to host successful community fundraisers with efficiency and professionalism.

Every data point in DonationScout can be exported to excel. This includes, but is not limited to, organization details, event status, event results, location details, etc.
Yes, you can invite unlimited users to your DonationScout account at no additional cost. Invited users can have access to all locations or only those you specify.
No, you can have many types of fundraiser types in DonationScout. We work with brands who offer the same fundraiser payouts, days of the week and times across all locations, as well as some that have a very unique offering. DonationScout was built to perfectly articulate your fundraiser program regardless of complexity.
Yes, completely! You can offer events 7 days a week or just a couple. We also have the flexibility to customize further by removing dates from the calendar.
There are a couple options here. For groups that choose to manage fundraiser events manually, we will simply send them all the relevant details of a fundraiser request so they can follow up on their own. This is a similar experience to a webform request. Alternatively, you can exclude certain locations from the system altogether.
3.0 customers are charged a negotiable onboarding fee for design, development and custom integration work. 2.0 and 1.0 customers are not charged an onboarding fee at this time.
We charge a flat monthly fee per location that is based on the number of locations associated with an account. Click HERE to request a preliminary quote.
Not at all! DonationScout is a monthly subscription that can be canceled with 5 days notice.
DonationScout is an intuitively designed software product that requires absolutely NO TRAINING! That said, the DonationScout team is available for as many pre-launch training sessions as needed.
For full white-lable customers, it typically takes three to four weeks to go live, although we have launched in as little as two weeks.
While a website integration is the best way to drive event requests while providing a great user experience to your fundraising partners, it is NOT a requirement to use DonationScout. As a standalone product, you will have shareable links that will provide organizations entry into the software.
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